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In competitive business environment, you need to be able to communicate with your customers using a variety of channels, including voice, text, email and web chat. Is your contact center ready to capture these interactions? How will you monitor and manage quality, training, performance and compliance?


Monitoring call traffic in real-time means we can respond quickly to busy periods. It improves the customer perception of your organization. Telephone responses can now be measured with precision. Costly dispute can now be solved instantly. Claritas™ Contact Centre Solution (CCS) is a complete call management system featuring capabilities such as call monitoring, call center management, call recording and call activity analysis. We take real time call management to the ultimate level with its ability to translate real time call data into management dashboard for call performance monitoring. And because all these happen in real time, you can quickly response to business need and changing conditions.


Do these sound familiar? Claritas™ is your answer!

• Ever missed that vital piece of information during a call and wished it was recorded?

• No idea how many calls your business received yesterday?

• No idea how many calls your business missed yesterday?

• No idea how much business you lost?

• No idea how long customers have to wait before they’re actually answered?


Claritas™ CCS provides valuable information about:

•        How many calls abandoned

•        How many calls waiting to be answered

•        How many calls made

•        How many staff available to answer calls

•        Conversation length and more

•        Call control - Dial, Answer, Hold, Set Forwards, DND

•        Advanced call control features - Park, Conference, Barge In, Call-back

•        Free Dial - Highlight a number & dial it

•        Simple operator functions - inc. DND other, FWD other (when combined with Call Manager)

•        Phone book – personal & system-wide contacts

•        Programmable action buttons - Speed dials, BLF, Launch of applications, Service Codes

•        Personal call handling statistics

•        Personal call list - incoming, abandoned, outgoing calls

•        View & dial calls awaiting return

•        Hot-desk support

•        Screen-popping – Search & view contact information in CRM databases

•        Screen-pop transfer – Contact information accompanies transferred calls


Real-Time Call Monitoring

Historical information is simply not sufficient. The solution provides real-time statistics on inbound and outbound calls, hence assisting management in making critical decisions. It provides valuable information on how many calls received, made, abandoned, and waiting (in-queue); how many staff available to answer calls and average call handling time – directly to your desktop. Individual agent can also view their own call handling statistics and call list on incoming, abandoned, outgoing calls. This real-time data allows team lead to gauge the efficiency of their team and establish baseline performance numbers. These calls handling information can also be displayed on a wallboard to encourage responsibility, enforce accountability and creates motivational values.

Computer Telephone Integration (CTI)

Claritas™ CCS lets you confidently build and deploy world-class contact center through integration with leading technologies on telephony switch, automated call distribution (ACD) and voice recording products. Combining various technologies, you have a completely integrated system that not only consists of inbound and outbound solution, but also value-added functionality on quality monitoring, interactive voice responder (IVR) and speech analytics. You can have screen pops accompanying incoming calls, to display contact information from CRM database. You can have call recording tagged to cases to help resolve disputes and aid staff training. You can search contact address book from CRM and speed dial from application. Most PABX also allows triggering of call control manager features such as dial, answer, hold, park, conference, set forwards, call back and DND from your software interface. With CTI, the call center experience will never be the same again.

Workforce Management Made Easy

Claritas™ CCS represents a solution for managing and optimizing contact center workforce. It helps improve resource performance and retention by providing unprecedented 360° visibility into business processes and agent productivity. Customer satisfaction can be measured at every stage of the service life cycle. Call center manager may login anytime to see summary reports of system statistics, hot issues and agent solutions. Team lead may use historical and predictive analytics to help reduce case handling times and improve first-call resolution. And finally, by consolidating call data from multiple ACD or branches, your CEO will be delighted to see a dashboard that keeps him up-to-date on customer service performance of his global organization, real-time.

Resolve Cases Quickly and With Precision

System enables fast and accurate resolution of customer incidents by giving agents access to all needed information about customers, products, history and cases through a single user interface. Organized solutions & answers are simply easy to find and instantly available for sharing internally and externally. Junior staff or new agents are able to respond to repetitive questions by applying previously written knowledge base. Ultimately, this raises resource efficiency and call center effectiveness.

Managed By Exception

Top management often practices Management by Exception (MBE) policy and devotes time to investigate situation that deters from expected result. Built-in workflows such as critical issue notification, deadline reminder and overdue escalation, are all part of the overall capabilities, to assist call center manager to highlight potential problem fast, saving company from huge fortune from loss of business. Team supervisor can instantaneously zoom into cases that trigger alarms and spend valuable time concentrating on monitoring calls exceeds threshold limit alert.

Claritas™ Contact Center Solution undeniably gives you an easy-to-use tool to deliver consistent, efficient service that enhances customer loyalty to sustain long-term business and increase lifetime value. It completely customizable to suit your business processes and scale to meet your enterprise demands.



Claritas™ CRM works with AVAYA, NEC, SIEMENS, ASC, ERICSSON to provide you seamless computer telephony integration!


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