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Cloud: Expanding Software Capabilities
and Computing Power.

IT is undergoing a seismic shift from client-server model to the cloud, a shift similar in importance and impact as the transition from mainframe to client-server decades ago. Today, cloud computing completely revolutionizes the way IT solutions are being delivered. Cloud promises not just as a cheaper option, but also a faster, easier, more flexible and more effective way to run your IT operation and services. 

What is Cloud?

Cloud computing provides improved resource optimization and enhanced capabilities for businesses. Cloud computing now provides organizations with new ways to deploy and maintain enterprise applications— allowing for greater flexibility and reduced complexity. In addition to uptime, organizations can now achieve agility, integration, scalability, accelerated deployment, better utilization, and transparent cost accounting. The key to making the most of cloud computing opportunities is determining which applications are best suited to the cloud versus an on-premises data center. Click here to download white paper on Cloud Computing Business Considerations.



Closer Look at Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Windows Azure is a group of cloud technologies, each providing a specific set of services to empower your business applications. Windows Azure platform comprises of four parts: Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Azure AppFabric and Azure marketplace. All four components run in Microsoft data centers located around the world: North America, Europe and Asia. Read More >>


Windows Azure provides what’s commonly known as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Fundamentally, Windows Azure provides five components, compute, storage, fabric controller, content delivery network and connect, that collectively builds the foundation of this service. While SQL Azure serves as cloud database with reporting and data sync features.  The app fabric component then act as service bus, caching and access control for the platform. Read More >>



Claritas™ Cloud sits on top of Microsoft Azure Platform to provide you unprecedented availability at fraction of the cost.



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