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You had a great response from a recent roadshow and receive countless name cards from potential buyers. So what’s the next and how you can use with the data? We can help you to uncover hidden opportunities within. Leads or prospects, are valuable gold mine and potential source of revenue for your organization. Don’t let your perfectly good leads go wasted! Claritas™ CRM for marketing is all about how you can discover and transform prospect into paying customer.


For marketing professionals, nothing is more important than knowing the results from your marketing campaign on various mediums. Be it through mass mail, web, email or any channels, Claritas™ CRM lets you keep track of your leads and opportunities generated from your marketing campaign. It consists of comprehensive campaign management capabilities, including data cleansing and demographic segmentations, allowing marketing team to target their customer accurately. You can track leads and sources, route leads to the right sales people in real time, and provide the analytics to see what’s working and what can be improved. The powerful analytics helps you to evaluate your campaign effectiveness and how to improve for future marketing activities. 


Integrated Mass Marketing Tool

Claritas™ lets you plan and execute your mass marketing, all within the same system. You can create professional-looking HTML templates and effortlessly launch email, SMS or mail-merge-based communications. You can use these custom templates for new campaign, or save it for future scheduling of recurring campaign activities. Claritas™ integrates with various third-party email and SMS gateway, so you can start blasting your personalized marketing material from day one!

Manage Campaign Life Cycle

Transform your marketing process into an automated workflow. Claritas™ enables end-to-end visibility into all marketing detail throughout the entire campaign life cycle. You can collaborate across different teams or business units to maintain standard operating procedure and enhance consistency. Starting from campaign planning, you can create budget and define campaign type. For execution, you can specify target list and set your mass marketing schedule. Finally, measuring of statistic and ROI can never be easier. With Claritas™, you are guaranteed complete analytic information that all marketers dreamed of. The insightful management dashboard truly highlights campaign effectiveness and let you drives home the value of marketing program.

Track Response and Monitor Results

You can’t manage it unless you can measure it. Once you have planned and executed your campaign, you can immediately keep track of campaign responses such as total target audience, total sent, received, click-through and bounced. System automatically suppresses duplicate contact and prevents spamming of same email or SMS. Recipient can conveniently opt-out from future mass marketing communications. Claritas™ lets you qualify leads, convert leads into contact and create opportunities with no more than a few clicks. We inform you on the overall campaign result so that you can conveniently monitor on key performance indicators such as campaign ROI, statistic and cost per response.

Spend More Time With the Right Customer

Claritas™ lets you manage lead information from the very beginning of business cycle. After all, CRM for marketing is about distinguish new prospects, promote leads and qualify opportunities. You can record all relevant activities, relate information to customer and classify them into various statuses or categories. Along the journey, you will obtain improved data accuracy by having system to detect and merge duplicate records. As a result, you can easily perform customer segmentation based on demographic filtering, generate quality target list and pinpoint audience group for cross-selling, up-selling or any marketing means. With Claritas™, we help you to get your marketing mix right by telling you which marketing channel is the most effective or yield the best result. There is no doubt that you will observe phenomenal improvement to your organization’s lead handling process.

Transform Experience into Marketing Intelligence

Have you ever wonder how much data you can garner from a campaign that your team just did? This is called marketing intelligence. All historical marketing data in the system can serve as benchmark and marketing intelligence to help you improve future campaign effectiveness and precision. We identify spending pattern so that you can introduce new product to right market. We analyze trends so that your company responds quickly to changing customer preferences and emerging market demand. We provide 360° marketing reports so that you don’t missed out critical opportunity windows. Thanks to deep analytics, you gain a clear view of your prospect with access to detail segmentation and demographic information. Adopt Claritas™ and your marketing result will never be the same again.

Claritas™ CRM revolutionize your traditional marketing process into automation. It is a tool to centralize tracking of leads and campaigns information. It makes data collaboration and sharing across your organization seems so simple. In short, Claritas™ CRM for Marketing truly enables you to spend more time with the right customer.



Claritas™ CRM for Marketing truly enables you to spend more time with the right customer!


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