CRM for Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program is a strategic marketing approach where company focuses on customer growth and retention through rewards and incentive. One should not underestimate the powerful effect of loyalty marketing - it is an important process to generate recurring revenue and maintain brand loyalty. And this is exactly where Claritas™ CRM can expertly lend you a hand.


Membership Program

Claritas™ comes with complete membership module that supports both customer self-signup and manual registration. On creation, you can capture mandatory customer information (e.g.: name, contact, email and more) and optional demographic information (e.g.: birth date, occupation, salary range and more). You can also categorize your membership into multi-tier classifications such as normal, silver and gold. More membership handling features include:

  • Integrated card printing
  • Temporary card issuance
  • Card promotion, termination & expiration
  • Principal / sub-card (combined points)
  • Referral program (member-get-member scheme)

Point Management

The point management module lets you specify how your customer can collect points and redeem rewards. You can design your unique point rules by brand, product and member type. You can readily apply the following point calculation mechanism:

  • Tier-based Points (Normal: 1X; Gold: 2X)
  • Base + Promo Points
  • Special Occasion Bonus Points
  • New Member Bonus Points
  • Recurring Visit Bonus Points

System can generate point statements, displaying active and expiring points. In the event of discrepancy, authorized administration can perform point transfer, point adjustment or manual reconciliation.

Specify Redemption Rules

Be it online or offline redemption, Claritas™ lets you tailor redemption logics just the way you want it.  You can choose the following redemption mechanism or combine any these rules to associate with specific reward item.

  • By points or %
  • Fast track (points + cash)
  • Slash point promotion
  • Add-on delivery charge

Points will be automatically deducted upon successful redemption. If required, you can also incorporate refund and exchange policy into the system.

Customize Your Reward Catalog

With Claritas™, you can manage your product catalog within the system. We let you create multi-tier product hierarchy and category on reward items. You can specify unit price with applicable point and redemption rules. If your organization has an E-Commerce storefront, you can conveniently publish the reward catalog online. Claritas™ is built-in with a simple shopping cart capability for searching product, add to cart, redeem reward and perform checkout.

Analyze Demographic & Perform Segmentation

Tucked deep inside CRM data-warehouse are mountains of useful data and transactions. Claritas™ data mining tool lets you drill deep into them and uncover hidden trends that are potentially useful for enhancing customer loyalty.  We create a centralized, customizable view of your customer’s preferences, relationships and activity history. Using the holistic 360° view, you can segment customers by their demographic profiles and spot purchase trends as they develop. You can perform various analytics to better understand your customer, anticipate their future needs and make effective cross-selling and up-selling offers.

Identify Patterns & Make Right Offers

Claritas™ helps you understand your customer better. You can effortlessly track all interactions, offers, orders, contracts, and relationships associated with your account, enabling you to offer right product or service, to right people, at the right time. Whenever appropriate, you can proactively suggest replacements or renewals, or simply reward frequent customers. For effective cross-selling, the built-in wizard-driven mass marketing tool lets you introduce new products efficiently to your customers, keeping them informed on new product and service offerings.

Integrate with POS & E-Commerce

Whether you are operating an online business; or a retail store-front, chances are you are relying heavily on CRM to manage your loyalty program and analyze your customer spending patterns. Thus, integrating your POS with CRM is important to help you keep up-to-date on what your customer are doing, real-time. Claritas™ lets you have a consolidated platform that retrieves sales transactions from all outlets and perform extra data massaging on point calculation and brand analytics. And depending on your business needs, Claritas™ offers the ability to do real-time integrations or batch update.

Customer Online Portal

Your loyalty program is not complete without customer online portal. Claritas™ has all the information you need to create a feature-rich E-commerce platform that will surely bring your customer experience to the next level. Your customer web front-end can be customized to support the following functions:

  • Self-signup & registration
  • View & update personal data
  • View history & recent transactions
  • View point statement (active & expiring points)
  • View & download online catalog
  • Make online redemption
  • Purchase & transfer points
  • Submit feedback form


Building customer loyalty is not an overnight process and implementing a CRM solution goes a long way in helping you to enhance brand awareness and customer satisfaction. Start adopting Claritas™ today and find out how we can help you translate loyalty into money!


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