CRM Integration

Integration extends the value of CRM

CRM by no mean is the most critical application your company invests in. By the time you are considering a CRM solution, you may already have accounting, POS, ERP, telephony and other custom / legacy applications in your organization. As your company grow bigger, you may realize that CRM and all these applications may be better if they work together as an integrated platform, where POS sales transaction data is available real-time in the system, update of a customer data is automatically in-sync with ERP, a closed won opportunity automatically prompts creation of an invoice in accounting and best of all, your call center agents automatically greets your customer by name when the call comes in and the customer profile pops up on the agent desktop screen.


The following section shares with you the common external application that Claritas™ integrates with. Claritas™ framework comes with built-in API that readily supports real-time integration and data synchronization by batch. 


POS / E-Commerce

Whether you are operating an online business with an E-Commerce engine; or a retail store-front with a POS, chances are you are relying heavily on CRM to manage your loyalty program or analyze your customer spending patterns. Thus, integrating your POS / E-Commerce application with CRM is important to help you keep up-to-date on what your customer are doing. Claritas™ CRM offers ability to do real-time or batch update of your sales data to CRM. Tighter integration between these had led to creation of customer self-help portal and data source for business intelligence tool. With sales data, you can now have a 360 view on your shopper’s purchase history, and offer meaningful discounts and conduct powerful cross-selling campaign to right people.

ERP System

Seamless ERP-CRM integration is by far the biggest dream and at the same time nightmare for large-scale enterprise. The reason for ERP-CRM integration is mainly financially driven. Companies with high volume sales transactions can almost see immediate ROI in order-to-cash process, i.e.: cost savings coming from minimized error in order entry, approval workflow for discounts and reduced manual labor on redundant ERP and CRM data entry. Yet, ERP-CRM integration is also the most difficult among all integration needs, reason being ERP is often built on proprietary platform and does not offer much in terms of integration standards and API.

Accounting Software

Having a properly integrated CRM and accounting solution is critical in cost-and-revenue analysis. Claritas™ CRM serves as master of all customer information, triggering updates in accounting system in real time. With direct open database connectivity into accounting system, CRM also allows users to see customized dashboard to view sales aging, giving additional insights into managing customer relationships.


Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is an important complements to CRM especially in a Call Center environment. With Claritas™ System, caller can be identified immediately, customer contact information and related data can pop up on screen, allowing agents to interact with CRM system in real time, hence result in improved call handling and response times. Business can also route certain callers to most appropriate agents based on skillset or product expertise.



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