What is CRM?

CRM Empowers You To Manage Your Relationship With Customer From All Aspects, To Ensure Retention And Promoting Customer Satisfaction.

CRM in general are classified into 3 pillars – marketing, sales and support. Marketing team uses CRM tool to target prospects, develop campaigns and manage leads. Sales representative then uses it to automate sales activities including contacts, accounts, opportunities, pipeline management and sales forecasting. Lastly, the customer service or support team uses CRM to manage customer complaints, resolve cases and measure customer satisfaction. According to Gartner, strongest demand in CRM spending is expected to come from Asia Pacific where revenue is forecast to grow from $410 million in 2007 to $840 million in 2012. Emerging regions such as Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East and Africa will see positive upward trends in CRM spending, particularly in specific industries.


So, have you got your CRM yet? Hop on to the bandwagon and enquire about how Claritas™ can help to streamline your business. 


Claritas™ CRM framework is Microsoft Certified Solution. With Claritas™, we provide a tool for you to do more with less. It is built on web 2.0 with Service Oriented Architecture. Claritas™ product suite is certified as “Works with Windows Server 2008”, “Works with SQL Server 2008” and "Powered By Windows Azure". For more information, please lookup Microsoft PinPoint. With Claritas™ achieving various awards & recognition, client can be assured that all of our products are properly tested, verified and certified, ensuring its maximum effectiveness, while being compatible to the forefront of technology.



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CRM: Why Bother?


What is CRM?